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Recreation Dynamics RecRubber

Recreation Dynamics RecRubber

The Recreation Dynamics RecRubber is constructed of 100% recycled tire rubber and has been designed to eliminate erosion around playground equipment. The RecRubber will also stabilize and limit the loss or displacement of loose-fill material in areas of high traffic and/or kick-out on playgrounds. The RecRubber may also be used to provide a stable slip resistant access surface glued to a solid sub-surface. Various size and thickness are available. There is also a 4'x6'x2" RecRubber with beveled edges, which is ideal for independent use. The 2" thick RecRubber meet or exceed current guidelines from the CPSC and ASTM at a drop height of 6 feet. All mats provided in black. Colors available at additional charge. Contact Recreation Dynamics for color selection and pricing. Minimum order of 2 pieces, mix & match, for FREE FREIGHT. Tire Swing RecRubber is 2 pieces!

Larger Image

RecRubber; 4'x6'x2"

192 lbs.



Freight Included

RecRubber; 4'x4'x2"

128 lbs.



Freight Included

RecRubber; 4'x3'x2"

96 lbs.



Freight Included

RecRubber; 4'x2'x2"

64 lbs



Freight Included

RecRubber; 4'x6'x1-1/4"

144 lbs.



Freight Included

RecRubber; 4'x4'x1-1/4"

96 lbs.



Freight Included

RecRubber; 4'x3'x1-1/4"

72 lbs.



Freight Included

RecRubber; 4'x2'x1-1/4"




Freight Included

Beveled RecRubber; 4'x6'x2"




Freight Included

Tire Swing RecRubber; 6'x8'x2"

2 pcs - 185 lbs each



Freight Included

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